[blockquote source=”Matthew 5:5 (NIV)“]Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.[/blockquote]

In our current culture, we were told that to be successful one has to assertive.  You need to go out there and make it happen.  I did follow that mantra and it worked for a while, but it was not sustainable.  Soon people start avoiding me.  They stop giving me feedback.  And very eventually I find out that I am all alone.

The verse above appears to be rather counterintuitive, yesterday in church, Rev William Wan provides the 3As to being a person who is considered “meek”.  Well, first things first, being meek does not mean being weak or soft.  Rev Wan reminded us that both Moses and Jesus were considered meek, but by no means were they soft nor weak.  The 3As are as follows:

  • Attitude: What is your attitude when you are faced with an adversary?  Do you get stressed up and start shouting at others?  Or do you view that adversary as an opportunity to grow?
  • Altitude: If I choose an attitude that is negative, then I will sink.  But if you chose a positive attitude, it will enable you to rise above it all.
  • Action: The quality of our actions depends on the attitude and altitude we are at.  If I have a negative attitude and it sinks me down, then my actions are going to be rather ineffective or perhaps even destructive!  If you chose a positive attitude and rise above it all, then your actions will be more effective or perhaps even constructive!

Dear Father, thank you for giving me the power to choose; to choose a positive attitude so that I can rise above it all, and take the quality actions that enable me to fulfill my purpose.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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