[blockquote source=”Isaiah 6:9 (NIV)“]He said, “Go and tell this people: “‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’[/blockquote]

I once saw an ad that said “millions more cars will be sold over the next few years”.  My first reaction was “wow”!  At the bottom of the page it said, “if you are thinking – oil futures – we want you”.  Obviously I was not the right fit for the job, for my mind is not attuned to it.

Isn’t it the same when it comes to God’s message?  I sometimes hear His instructions, but I either chose to ignore it or I just do not understand it!  For instance, God has told me to “get out of this industry”, but my immediate response was “but what do I do?”

To be able to understand just even a fraction of God’s infinite wisdom, we need our mind to be attuned to it.  To do that, the most important thing to do is to believe.  When we believe we have the right mindset.  However, just believing alone is not enough.

If we look at the verse again, we see the word “GO“.  God instructed Isaiah to go, to move, to take action, to live out His instructions.  Hence, we will need to take actions, we need to keep moving.  We need to go and live out His instructions!

And based on the learning from the experiences by living out His instructions, we should then go out and share with others, just like how I am sharing with you, as this further helps me reinforce my own learning.  Remember the saying, “if you want to learn something, teach it”.

Father I pray that I will understand and perceive Your instructions to me so that along with that I am able to share with the many people who would visit this site and help them strengthen their faith in You.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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