[blockquote source=”2 Thessalonians 3:13 (NIV)“]And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.[/blockquote]

Doing what is good when circumstances are right is easy. But when push comes to shove, doing what is good will become difficult. We may be tempted to, just this once, cut corners. We may be tempted to, just this once, not show up. We may be tempted to, just this once, sleep in.

However, it is through these difficult moments that we learn and grow by recommitting ourselves to living with integrity. (Hat-tip: Stephen Covey)

Starting with intentional living, this is where we make a conscious decision to live in a certain way. But having good intentions are not enough.

We will need to pin down what might be, for that day, that would be the most important thing to accomplish. By pinning it down, we identify the activity, we schedule it in our calendar, and when the time comes for us to get to work, we will need to remember ACE.

ACE: attention, competencies, and energy.

We live in the age of information is everywhere. We are constantly bombarded with all kinds of information. Sometimes the information is helpful for our journey, sometimes it is not. There are accurate and authentic information, and there are information aimed at influencing us, be it for our good or otherwise. Given this background, we are information abundant but attention starved. If we aim to consume any information available, we would have little attention for everything. Hence we need to be selective in what information to consume. Which is the right information that can assist us in completing our task? That would be the information you want to give your attention to.

Once we have identified which information to give our attention to, we then need to have the right competencies to work on it. By working on it, it means to maximize, add, or create value. A piece of information passed around is good, but not very valuable. But can you add value to that piece of information? What specific skills or expertise do you have that can add value? Can you help me see better on hindsight? Can you give me additional insights? Can you give me the foresight needed to move forward?

How often have you decided to focus your attention on that one important thing, have gained all the necessary skills and knowledge to do the task, only to find that you are totally depleted of the energies required to do the work? Do you waste your energies on tasks that are not aligned to your purpose, like time wasters such as checking your friends’ social media updates, mindless surfing of the Internet, or even porn.

Father I pray that as we continually work on doing what is good that You will restore in us our strengths, refresh in us our mind, and rejoice in us our spirit. We pray all these in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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