[blockquote source=”Hebrews 2:18 (NLT)“]Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.[/blockquote]

What would you choose as a URL for your website?

That was one of the question that I was struggling with for at least two months as I was preparing to re-start my website.  Should I use my name?  Does that make me too narcissistic?  Should I use a niche name?  But how would people find it?  Should I use my firm’s name?  But will it be too corporate-like?  Or should I invent a word that is unique?  But would people remember?  (For instance, I find it difficult to remember my favourite task management tool’s website – toodledo.com – is it toodleo or todoledo?  I can’t quite figured out.)

I then decided to do some research on the Internet to see what are other people doing.  If you look at the websites of many  thought leaders; Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, just to name a few; they all use their personal names for their sites.

Then I came across this great article by Michael Hyatt on “4 Considerations in Picking a Website Name”, where he viewed that “more and more, people are distrustful of institutions. They are looking for human connection. They want a name, a face, values, and a style they can trust. This is why this is the age of personal brands.”

Additionally, in his book, Unlabel, Marc Ecko explained that “when you unlabel and create an authentic personal brand, you will broadcast yourself differently to the world. You will think of yourself more actively, not passively”.

Based on all the analyses, I narrowed it down to these three key considerations when building a personal brand:

  • Be Personal: Think of it this way, when you call a company, would you prefer if you spoke to a real person rather than having to navigate through the maze of punching in numbers and resulting in speaking to a machine.  Likewise, on the Internet, you want to speak to a person.  You want a name.
  • Be Authentic: You want real stories.  You want it raw and from the gut.  You do not want some sugar-coated tales that only describe about successes.  You want to know the mistakes.  You want to know the suffering, the temptation, the pains, the struggles.
  • Be Scalable: In the past, if you start a business, you may want to print a bunch of name cards and give it to your closest friends and family members asking them to help you spread the word that you have started.  Now on the Internet, you can literally do the same but not only at a global scale, but also to be able to scale up by being very successful and yet personal.

Just like Christ, who he himself has gone through all the suffering and testing, as leaders who are authentic will also be able to help others on their engagement journey as well.

Dear Father, because of what Jesus did, we are all saved.  May we continually look to Him for guidance whenever we are tested and let His light shine on us always.  In Christ name, we pray, Amen.

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