[blockquote source=”Ezekiel 15:2 (NIV)“]“Son of man, how is the wood of a vine different from that of a branch from any of the trees in the forest?[/blockquote]

Fruitful Vine
Vine is only useful when it produces fruits. Otherwise, it is useless and the farmer would simply cut it and burn it. As God’s people, we are to produce fruits. This fruit is essentially the promotion of love and freedom. Ever since I heard the interview of Dane Maxwell of The Foundation, by Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income); I haven’t stopped to think about it.

Pain Points
Essentially, the message goes like this. Every one of us has pain points. My pain point could be doing my taxes, while yours maybe doing the weekly house chores. In companies, some pain points could be recruitment, while others could be after sales servicing.

Now, while it is true that everyone has pain points, following from here, they fall into two categories:

  • first – something should be done about it,
  • second -something must be about it.

It is obvious that the second group has reached a threshold that they realize something MUST be done.

Threshold Group
This second group can be further categorized into another two smaller groups:

  • first – something must be done about it and I CAN do it,
  • second – something must be done about but I CAN’T do it.

The first group that looks at their pain and say, I can do something about it, this is the group that will likely solve their own pain points. It is not necessarily that they are better than their counterparts, it just means that the things that will ease their pains are within their level of control, or at least, influence.

The second group that says “I can’t do something about it”, sees that the things that will ease their pains are outside of their control or influence. Individuals belonging to this group suffer the most. Imagine facing the pain on a daily basis, and knowing something must be done, but feel that they do not have the capabilities nor capacities to do something about it, this is living in misery.

Who Are These People?
As you think about people in this category, you may be thinking about single parents, elderly folks, child from a troubled background. But what’s even sadder is the fact that it may be someone who is well educated, have a decent job, is married, have kids. These people may, on the surface, look alright, but if you get a chance to lift the lid a little, you may be surprised.

I was Once Part of it
I was once part of this group. My pain was simply this: my expectations of what my life should be greatly differs from what my life was. I think that by now, I should be further along in terms of my career, my finances, my prospects. However, that’s not what it is. And worse of all, I do not think I have a way to get me to lift my life to the level of my expectations. As such, I suffer in silent. I sometimes take it out on myself, and often times people around me get the better of it. I know something must be done, but I don’t see how or what I can do to ease this pain.

Enter God
But all that changed when I found God. I was the prodigal son who ran off and squandered away all my inheritance. And after all the suffering, I decided to turn back to God. And God, being God, welcomed me with the kind of love only a father can understand. That all the father would say is, “son, I’m glad you are back”.

Relationship with Jesus
And all these are possible because of Jesus. Without Jesus as my eternal high priest who intercedes for me, it would not be possible for me to run back to God. I would be like the fruitless vine that the farmer would toss into the fire.

Freedom & Love
While God has given me the freedom to run away and squandered away my inheritance, He has also showed me His unfailing love. As such, the message is this: there is enough suffering going on. And each day that I sit on the fence deciding whether to do what I’m supposed to do, others are continuing to suffer. While it is true that I am not able to ease everyone’s pain points, but for those that I have, it mattered to them.

Father, thank You for giving us the freedom and for showering us with Your unfailing love. LORD, guide us to be fruitful to others so that they can see Your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.

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