[blockquote source=”1 Peter 4:1 (NIV)“]Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin.[/blockquote]

Forward Planning
It’s always easy when you are planning from a position of strength. Things, however, appear quite differently when you are coming from a bruised position. It is time of the year again, where one would start consolidating their outcomes for the year and start planning mowing forward.

Not all of us are experiencing a joyous time at the moment. Some of you would be staring at your results for the year and wondering if that’s really all there is. Some of you would even be scared stiff as you just do not know how or what you are going to do from here. Some are more prepared than others, in that they have some buffer funds that would cushion them while they sort things out. Others may be experiencing a little more urgency and for a few it might be a life and death situation.

Thinking Positively…Not
Let us also not kid ourselves that being positive and thinking positive is going to get us out of this rut. It will not. Also, let us not kid ourselves that the only way to get out of this mess is to depend on yourself. Finally, let us also not kid ourselves that this is just a temporary phase.

There will be troubles in this world, as Jesus said. So let’s not get too optimistic and just choose to look on the bright side. Not that there are little merits of being cheerful, but one has to be forewarned of the impending doom ahead.

Attitude is Everything
Our verse today calls for us to be armed with the right attitude, because in a nutshell; attitude is everything! With the right attitude, we will arrive at the desired outcome. So, what’s the attitude must we be armed with? The attitude is one of surrender. Look, many of us got ourselves into the mess that we are in because we have sinned. We had fell short of the mark. We have chosen to rely on our own abilities, we have chosen to map our own path towards success, we have pursued the things that perhaps weren’t important after all.

I Surrender
By surrendering, we offer our lives to do God’s Will. True, our rewards may not be in this lifetime. As one can see from the prophets who preached the message but it was not for their own benefit; but ours. By surrendering, we’d also free ourselves from sin. Not that we no longer sin, but we sin because it is in our nature but not as a conscious thought. By surrendering, we are able to do all that Jesus asked; to love one another. We will be putting love into action.

Truth, Freedom, and Love
So in summary, surrendering leads us to truth, freedom, and love. How does this apply to those of us who are suffering because of what we have or have not achieved? In the days as you plan ahead; remember to surrender by doing the following:

  • Do your work with love. Here work is not necessarily in the professional domain, but also the personal and people domain. When you do your Bible Study, that is work. When you go for the run, that is work. When you bring the kids for their activities, that is work. When you meet with your spouse for dinner, that is work. As long as it is something that you do that will contribute to the realization of any goal, that is work.
  • Free yourself from the bondage. Choose to live simply. Living simply doesn’t mean living miserably. You can be frugal but that doesn’t mean being a miser. When you take out that loan just to get the car or house that you want; you create the bondage that ties you up. Live free, live debt free.
  • Seek to learn the truth. There is nothing else more satisfying than to seek the truth. The truth is all about God’s plan for you. However, you do not get to uncover it until you start working on it. Sound counter-intuitive? Well think of it as trying to steer a parked car. It is simply not possible. You need to move and God will steer you in the right direction.

Step-Up in Your Faith
To do all of that require one fundamental attitude and that is faith. Faith that God knows what’s best for you and He loves you.¬†Will you step up in your faith with me?

Father please steer us in the direction that You have intended for us. We will seek to learn the truth, live it, and lead others towards it. In Jesus name, Amen.

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