[blockquote source=”Psalm 131:1 (NIV)“]My heart is not proud, Lord, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me.[/blockquote]

Is This What Life Is All About?
There are times where you’d just wonder, “is this all there is, is this what life is all about?”

Do Great Things
Many of us aspire to do great things. Oftentimes this may involve leading a big group of individuals, or leading a large congregation, or it could be striving to eliminate poverty or AIDS or child trafficking. In other words, we were looking for a cause to pursue which will enable us to make a significant impact on the world. Different people would have different reasons for doing so. Some for personal glory, yet others total altruism.

Six Human Needs
I’ve always liked Tony Robbins’s six human needs as a framework to guide me in evaluating my purpose of why I want to accomplish something. Sometimes that need I am satisfying is simply to ensure “certainty”. While other times, it was essentially a need to feel “significant”.

Hence, when seeking to accomplish a task like leading a cause, it is critically important to ask ourselves which need are we trying to satisfy?

Are Your Goals All About You?
So, as I review the goals for the coming year, today’s verse serves as a reminder for me, am I wanting to achieve all these because of significance, growth, connection/love, or to contribute?

Because fundamentally the first two needs (significance and growth) are more “me” centered, while the next two (connection/love and contribution) are more “others” centered.

Others-Centered? Me-Centered?
Must it be always “others” centered and not “me” centered? Absolutely not. As human beings, we all have those six needs. No one is capable of simply focusing only on others, without first addressing the “me” centered ones. For instance, it would be almost impossible for most people to simply go out and start a cause even if it means they might get killed in the process. Though there are people like these, it’s just that they are drawing their sense of certainty from elsewhere. For many of us, the thought of threatened personal safety is enough to keep us recoiled. While others may draw upon their faith as their source of certainty.

The point is, how we satisfy those needs can be different for each of us. But the key message here is this: we all need to understand and then decide which works best for ourselves. For some it may be all about their sense of accomplishment, while others it may be their sense of fulfillment.

Answers To The Question
Once we have identified and are aware of why we do what we do, then we can adequately answer the question of, “is this all there is, is this what  life is all about?”

Father we pray that You guide us in examining our own hearts as we craft the goals that will propel our lives moving forward and for us to have that greater clarity of why we do what we do. In Jesus name, Amen.

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