[blockquote source=”Psalms 140:13 (NIV)“]Surely the righteous will praise your name, and the upright will live in your presence.[/blockquote]

The Resistance
After dropping the ball for a few days, the resistance gained strength pretty quickly. First, I started thinking that I would not have enough materials to write a full post. Then I began to think that none of the verses resonated with me.  Or that there is nothing from what I’ve read that will enable me to compose a blog post.

Two Myths of Great Work
I start falling for the two myths that I am depending on my own abilities and that this is all about me.  Those two are severe trappings that if not addressed early on will bring about dire consequences.

Today’s Reading
Taking reference from today’s reading of Psalm 140, where David probably wrote this when he was hiding from Saul. (Source: Bible Study Tools) Although David was known for his abilities and capabilities; notice he did not relied on his own strength. Instead, he called upon God to protect and shield him.

Secondly, David was calling for God’s help not just to save his own skin but so that justice will be delivered for those who were oppressed.

Depend on God
We need to be more like David. Many a times when we face a challenge, we would depend on our own capabilities to find a solution. However for David, even with the ability to bring down a giant, he was still pleading with God for help to protect him.

Serve Others
Further, whenever we find that our focus is purely on ourselves; how we can make this work so that I can benefit from it, we must remind ourselves that it is not about ourselves. But the people we serve. Only if we have served them, will we be able to fulfill our highest need: contribution.

Father I thank You for guiding me back to this. For understanding that without You, I will be simply chasing the wind. In Jesus name, Amen.

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