[blockquote source=”Psalm 147:11 (NIV)“]the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.[/blockquote]

Fear and Hope
It is difficult to have these two words in the same sentence. Let alone having both words describe the same circumstance. For instance, you can’t be fearful of the future and yet remain hopeful. Likewise, it seems like an oxymoron to say that you are hopeful about that job interview and yet fear the worst.

So, how is it that we can be both fearful and hopeful about God? Why is it that our fears can be eliminated by our hope in him? And why is it that our hope can burn brighter because of our fear of God?
Away and Towards Emotions
If you look at fear and hope; these are both emotions. One is an away (fear) emotion, while the other is towards (hope).
So the reason why you would not do something is because you fear the consequences that you’d have to face. For instance, you would not punch me in the face because you fear the consequence of having to answer to the court of law. And because of that fear, you’d restraint from carrying out such an act. Another way to look at fear is this: because you have so much respect for your dad, you’d never do anything that would cause him to be disappointed with you.
So the reason why you would do something is because you hope that the outcomes will meet your expectations. For instance, the reason you chose to exercise and sustain a healthy lifestyle is because you hope that the desired outcome of it is something that you expect. Another way to look at hope is this: because you know that your dad loves you unconditionally, you’d take the plunge and pursue your dreams. Because you know that despite what the outcomes maybe, your dad will still loves you.
Can You Be Fearful and Hopeful at the Same Time with God?
And the distinction between these two emotions is critically important because it will facilitate our progress moving forward in all our goals. Fear the LORD. The starting point is this: is what you do aligned to God’s will? Is what you do in accordance with the Truth? Do you do what you do with Love?
Hope in his unfailing love. He knows that we will fall short. And that’s just the way we are. He knows we are imperfect. And that’s just the way we are. He knows we will and sometimes even give in to temptations. And that’s just the way we are. But through all these, He will still love us.
Are You More Hopeful Or Fearful About The Future?
Now, that we have achieved alignment of fear and hope; let me ask you this: for the future ahead, are you more fearful or more hopeful? Do not look at it based on your current resources. Do not look at your current situation and see that you have no skills, no education, no money; and hence become fearful. At the same time do not see that you have all the knowledge, skills, and money and hence you are hopeful.
For nothing lasts forever. What you have today, you didn’t have previously. And what you didn’t have today, you could have it in the future. The thing is not to based your answer on your resources; but to base your answer on where your faith is at. Is it with God or is it with money.
Because you know that the God we worship can do supernatural things. You ain’t seen nothing yet. So keep your fears and hopes in check.
Father, we fear You for You are the creator, and we place our hope in You for you are the creator. In Jesus name, Amen.

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