[blockquote source=”Malachi 2:7 (NLT)”]”The words of a priest’s lips should preserve knowledge of God, and people should go to him for instruction, for the priest is the messenger of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies.[/blockquote]

“Pass the Message”
I joined the Adventure Club when I was in College. One of the excursions that I signed up for was the night walk. In order to prepare ourselves for what was ahead, we had to go through numerous training sessions. One of which was getting a group of about ten people. They would then number themselves off; the first being number 1 and the last number 10. Then a message would be passed from the facilitator to person number 1. Person number 1 would then repeat the message to person number 2; and the procedure would go on until it reached person number 10. It is not uncommon that by the time it came to person number 10, the original message would either be distorted or its original meaning being changed entirely. It was laughable but it also illustrated a learning point.  During night trekking when communication is extremely important, it is critical to have the original message preserved so that the last person would be informed of what lies ahead, or vice versa.

Interpret (or misinterpret)
The same applies in our spiritual study. When we read the Bible, it is critically important to understand the context with which the verse was written, as well as the structure and setting, which could lead us to interpret (or misinterpret) the true meaning of the verses. This is also important so that we understand why the characters did what they did, as well as the significance of the verses.

As the messenger of God, we need to stay true to the Word. Not to bent it so as to suit the point we are trying to get across or to distort it so that I would appeal to the audience.

Of course, sometimes it can be very difficult or even almost impossible to distinguish between who are the true prophets and who are the false teachers. Unfortunately there is little one can do to discern between the two unless one is adequately equipped with the know-how, as well as experience.

As we move closer to the year’s end, let me set my focus going forward with the core message that I’d like to share:
[blockquote]An engaged life is a choice. It does not happen by accident. You need to exercise your free will to make it a reality. Therefore, an engaged life is by design. And by design, we mean that you are the creator of it. But because it is getting you to a whole new level, you cannot based it on your same set of actions and habits. You need to learn or develop a new set of habits that will lead you to take actions that will move you closer to your goal. Hence, if you have certain habits that are more of an impediment rather than a leverage, you first need to change those habits.[/blockquote]

Father, I pray that we will preserve Your word so that as our tribes learn from us, they are actually learning about Your Word and not our agenda. In Jesus name, Amen.

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