How This One Habit Transformed My Life

[blockquote source=”Proverbs 11:19 (NIV)”] Truly the righteous attain life, but whoever pursues evil finds death.[/blockquote]

Taking Up Space
There was an episode in Seinfeld “The Dog”, where Kramer was breaking up with his girlfriend and this was what he said: I must have been out of my mind, look at you, why don’t you do something with your life, you sit around here all day, you contribute nothing to society, you’re just taking up space, I mean how can I be with someone like you, wouldn’t respect myself.

It was an unforgettable scene and in fact it is probably one of the best lines from Cosmo Kramer as it was both hilarious and inspiration. It was hilarious because whatever Kramer just said, it was actually him speaking about himself! It is inspiration, because that leads us to think whether we are merely just existing or are we contributing to society?

How to be Wildly Successful
Many years back as I started to explore how I can become wildly successful, even more successful than I ever dare imagine. And on top of that, I want to be rich and wealth. As a result of that desire, I then began to read books on “how to be successful”. Some were good and others were bad. A few transformed my life but this one book literally turned my life around.

Interestingly, how I came across this book was a result of me reading another book. The book is “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived” by Steven K Scott. The foreword of the book is by Dr Gary Smalley, where he recounted the advice he gave to Steve Scott when the latter was going through some difficulties in his career. Dr Smalley then asked him if he would like to become smarter than all his bosses. To that, Steven replied “Yeah, right” somewhat sarcastically.

Read This…
Dr Smalley told him that all he needed was simply to do one thing daily. And that one thing was to read the chapter in the Book of Proverbs that correspond to the date. Hence, if it is the first of the month, then read Chapter 1. Second day, read Chapter 2. And so on.

Not only did Steven took up the advice, he went one step further by using his wisdom to better the lives of others. For instance, I have personally benefited from this little piece of advice and like Scott, I have also taken it one step further. I now not only read the Book of Proverbs, but I am on my way to completing the whole Bible within this year.

…And More
I know not what will happen as I reach this milestone, but one thing I believe and know is that through these readings I have gained wisdom, knowledge, insights, and even foresight to choose the way that I should lead my life and use what I have gained; be it wisdom, knowledge, and riches, to help others in need so that collectively we can all bring glory to God’s name.

Dear God, thank You for giving us the Bible, Your Living Word, that gives us the wisdom and knowledge to lead our lives in a manner that we will be able to contribute to the betterment of others. In Jesus name, Amen.

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